is one of Britain’s favorite clothing brand. Mahmud Kamani is the founder of the website. The man is a billionaire now and sports a flashy lifestyle with his family with the profit he has made on his brand. He and his wife Aisha and their three sons fly by private planes and go on luxurious holidays and have many expensive cars.

But this was not the case always.

Boohoo came online in 2006 when Mahmud saw the profit in the internet and shifted his stall from Manchester market online. The company produces and sells its own clothing brand online is now worth 4.4 billion dollars. They also own LA based Nasty Gal. 

Boohoo is famous for uploading as many as 120 pieces of new clothing online everyday on its website. They sell 50 dresses per minute on an average. They have dresses from 5 dollars to shoes from 7 dollars this brand is famous with teens and celebrities. 

The owners are a true Rags to riches story come true. Their lavish lifestyle is Instagramed by their three sons Adam, Samir and Umar. Adam and Samir work for and Umar has started successful venture The site has celebrity sponsors like Kylie Jenner. 

Umar and Mahmud can be flaunting their Rolls Royces in Instagram pics. Adam and his brothers boarded a private jet to Coachella in California earlier this year. The family reportedly saw in the new year and celebrated Samir’s 21st birthday at Singapore’s exclusive Marina Bay Sands hotel, where the suites cost just under ($6780) per night.